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The Chamans Vineyard

We produce Organic/ Biodynamic wines reflecting the Minervois terroir

Our Philosophy

To grow our grapes biodynamically, treating the vineyard as a whole, to achieve balance through a relationship of the soil, native vegetation, olive trees, lavender, bees for biodiversity and Universal rhythms. We aim to produce wines that are elegant yet complex and a true expression of the land.

Our Land

Domaine de Chamans is sited in the foothills of the Montagne Noire ~ 30mins from Carcassonne  in the Minervois region of the Languedoc.  Being isolated from other vineyards allows us to follow biodynamic principles without drift contamination from other vineyards.

We have 15ha under vines composed  of limestone and clay with several parcels of schist. The advantage of clay is it retains moisture, essential when you experience the heat of the Languedoc.  The vines root deeply which results in rich and fruity aromas.

Vines are pruned following the Marco Simonit Method to encourage health and resist disease.

Another important aspect is elevation – 320m above sea level at the highest point of the vineyard.  This coolness helps retain acidity in the wines.

Legume cover crops are planted in between the vines  to give nitrogen back to the soil, improve structure and encourage microbial activity. Nature’s way of fertilising.

We collect our rainwater and this softer water increases the efficiency of the biodynamic preparations when dynamised.

Our red grape varieties range from 10-75 years old.
Grenache/Syrah/Carignan/Mourvèdre and Cinsault.

For the white, we have 30+yr old Marsanne, Roussanne and younger plantings of Grenache blanc, Clairette and Roussanne.

Our team

John & Philippa Hegarty


Jessica Servet Chardron 

Manager and Winemaker

William & Helios

Vineyard workers