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"You don't just drink the wine, you drink the place..."

Biodynamic Wine

We only produce biodynamic wine.

Chamans is a family-owned vineyard. Our 15ha of vines, surrounded by garrigue and
woodland, sit in the south-facing foothills of the Montagne Noire in the Minervois region
of the Languedoc. Isolated from other vineyards, we can pursue our own non-interventionist
farming philosophy, based on organic and biodynamic principles. Demeter and
EcoCert certified (since 2010).

Our symbol, the black sheep, is there to remind us the Languedoc is a region that
offers the opportunity to make exciting wines if you don’t follow the crowd.

«Nous ne plairons peut-être pas à tout le monde, mais nous ambitionnons de récompenser les audacieux.»

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